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Mafia. Ragusa. The solitude of Paolo, threatened journalist

Attilio Bolzoni has described the climate in which it is taking place, in the Court of Ragusa, the trial against the person who wrote “i’ll snatch his head off”

Attilio Bolzoni published on Friday, November 11, 2016, on the daily La Repubblica an account of the second day of the trial to the alleged mob boss accused of having threatened to kill the journalist Paolo Borrometi, who has since then been living under police protection, as are other 14 Italian journalists. In a passage of the article, Bolzoni has so described the atmosphere in which the hearings are held at the Palace of Justice in Ragusa:

“It happens in Sicily, in a very quiet, seemingly peaceful province. A very alleged boss, since the anti-mafia prosecutor of Catania presents him as the head of a mafia clique called “Stidda”, wants to stop a young reporter who is under police protection after suffering death threats, violent physical assaults and arson attacks. Only against a miserable crew, only because all the other colleagues in the territory – except one, Giada Drocker, correspondent for Agenzia Italia – do not seem to care that much of the nightmare that is living someone who has the habit of writing. In a court room of the Ragusa Courthouse on Tuesday morning Paul Borrometi’s drama went on stage, a reporter of the online newspaper La Spia and collaborator of AGI agency, thirty-three years old, the last one of which was lived dangerously.”


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