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No questions for president amateur league, journalist warned

Giacomo Amadori had written an article for La Verità on the management of call for tenders for the allocation of insurance policies

On 28 October 2016, the journalist Giacomo Amadori has received a warning that tells him to avoid all contact with Antonio Cosentino, president of the National Amateur League. The warning was signed by the lawyer of the sports manager. In the days before the reporter had published in the newspaper La Verità a critical inquiry on the work of Carlo Tavecchio, president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), and on the call for tenders for the insurance policies of the National Amateur League. To recount the story was the same Amadori, in an article from October 30, 2016 in which he describes the vain attempts to contact Cosentino made from October 20th to the day of the formal notice.

“The invitation – the document prepared by the Cosentino’s lawyer reads – to refrain from contacting, by telephone or other means of communication as well as physically getting close to, prof. Antonio Cosentino who, as expressed following the set up in Piazzale Flaminio, does not intend to maintain any relationship with your person.”


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