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Report. Brother of minister Alfano sends warning on broadcasting of a documentary

Alessandro Alfano announced legal action if the TV show were to broadcast the investigation on Giorgio Mottola. The video was aired on October 17, 2016

Alessandro Alfano, brother of Interior Minister Angelino, has warned the director of RAI 3, Daria Bignardi, the presenter and author of the inquisitive TV show, Milena Gabanelli, and executive producer of the broadcast, Paola Bisogni, from broadcasting the inquiry, conducted by journalist Giorgio Mottola, on his professional ascent in the public company of Poste Italiane.

Despite Alfano had announced to resort to legal actions were the service to be aired, Report showed the Mottola’s documentary on 17 October 2016 (see video).

“The warning by Mr Alfano – the reporter explains to Ossigeno, about whom the observatory has already covered an episode from October 2015 (read) – shows that the true form of intimidation against journalists is the lawsuit or the intention to sue”.

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