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Anzio. Warned for having reported on a parliamentary inquiry

It happened to news room of InLiberaUscita for reporting in an article the text of an act. The right to sue was reserved by a city councilor and her husband

The Anzio city councilor, Valentina Salsedo, and her husband, Ernesto Parziale, have warned the journalists of the news room of the web newspaper InliberaUscita and invited them not to mention their names in articles reporting the texts of parliamentary inquiries submitted to the Minister of the Interior “concerning the request for an access committee for the town of Anzio.”

The warning was sent by the couple’s lawyer to the email address of the news room on 23 November 2016. In the latest article the original text of the parliamentary inquiry on the request for an access committee, and dated 17 November 2016 (see), was quoted at length. In the text of the Parliamentary Act it is possible to read that Salsedo and her husband would have been cited in court documents on the relationship between politics and organized crime. In the formal notice, the lawyer wrote that his clients were “unreasonably, improperly and unlawfully mentioned” on the matter of the inquiry. And then adds: “for such acts of Parliament Mr. Parziale and Mrs. Salsedo will act against those responsible before the competent bodies.”

“This is the climate in which we are forced to work” said one of the editors of InLiberaUscita, Roberta Sciamanna, on whom the Centre had already covered a case from May 2016. (read more)

In the formal notice, the lawyer complains that pulling the names of his clients close to criminal circles, affects their honor, decorum, their image and reputation. And as such he announced that his clients “reserve the right to apply to the competent judicial authority for the full protection of their rights, without limitation to any request for punitive damages.”

OSSIGENO’S COMMENT – The Secretary General of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, Giuseppe F. Mennella, commented: “It is not merely extravagant, but seems rather intimidating the fact that two citizens of the Italian Republic ask a lawyer to notify warnings of this kind and reserve to act “before the competent bodies” against MPs in office who, in the exercise of their duties, have signed inquiries to the government by inserting their names. The right to defense (Article 24 of the Constitution) is inviolable for us too, but so is the letter and the meaning of the first paragraph of Article 68 of the Constitution: “Members of Parliament cannot be held accountable for the opinions expressed and of the votes cast in the exercise of their functions “. Among the “views expressed” precisely the acts and documents of the of scrutiny stand out, i.e. the interpellations and inquiries to the government. Neither can escape a citizen who considers himself unjustly mentioned in a measure of parliamentary scrutiny, let alone the experienced lawyer, since it is now a settled case-law of the Supreme Court, to consider the newspaper and the journalist who report of the inquiry as not punishable (unless there is a forcing of the contents and expressions). In the case of InLiberaUscita there is the simple and integral reproduction of the text of the inquiry submitted by MPs, without comments nor annotations”.

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