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Calabria. Yet another agression against Klaus Davi

The journalist was insulted and jostled in Gioia Tauro by a man in front of the door of the house of the lawyer Piromalli, acquitted from a mafia trial

On November 26, 2016 the mass-media expert and journalist Klaus Davi was again attacked in Calabria, this time in Gioia Tauro (in the province of Reggio Calabria).

Davi was insulted and jostled by a sexagenarian in front of the door of the house of lawyer Gioacchino Piromalli, accused of belonging to the homonymous Calabrian clan and acquitted of the charges in 2008. The mass-media expert was producing – for the TV show Gli Intoccabili of LaC – a service on the murder of Ferdinando Caristena, assassinated in 1990 by the ‘Ndrangheta because of his alleged homosexuality. Davi presented the video of the attack (watch) to the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria. To calm the wild spirits, the agents of the DIGOS unit intervened and identified the sexagenarian.

“This latest episode shows how many families feel, and in fact are the absolute owners of the land. They are the good and the bad weather and they send forward non convicted persons to reiterate their absolute power”, the mass-media expert comments. “When I see these things I wonder: Where is the State? Where are the politicians? How can the ‘Ndrangheta be allowed to get to the point of creating a climate that incites clean and ordinary citizens to revolt against journalists?” Davi wrote in a note.


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