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Frosinone. Damaged car of a judicial news reporter

Marina Mingarelli deals with judicial reporting for the daily Il Messaggero and for the online magazine TG24. Filed a complaint against unknown persons

The car of journalist Marina Mingarelli, collaborator of Il Messaggero and of the online magazine TG24, has been damaged by unknown persons while it was parked in the perimeter of the building where she lives, in Frosinone. Mingarelli had parked the car on the evening of December 3, 2016. She discovered the damage on the morning of 5 December, and immediately reported to the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri that three tires had been punctured with an awl.

The journalist has been working for twenty years covering judicial cases. Recently, she followed a trial for dealing and possession of significant quantities of drugs, with five defendants accused of managing a lot of traffic in the Ciociaria area. (read more)

“If there is no evidence that this is the work of a hooligan, the incident will have a specific meaning, and I will not compromise, I will not be intimidated. I have too much respect for myself, the work I do and of my readers”, Mingarelli told Ossigeno.

“The criminals have entered the parking lot of her property, and as such the gesture was almost certainly wanted. Everyone – the TG24 chief editor, Alessandro Andrelli wrote in a commentary article – should feel touched by such a gesture. Everyone should condemn it and express solidarity to Marina. Her battles, her words, her articles are also ours. We all have to feel attacked! “(read)

The Order of Journalists and the Roman press association expressed solidarity to Marina Mingarelli.


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