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Latina and Velletri. Reporters of Il Messaggero attacked in front of prisons

They are Marco Cusumano and a fotoreporter. They were documenting the release of some of those arrested in the Olimpia Operation

On November 28, 2016 there were moments of tension, outside of the prisons of Latina and Velletri, between journalists and relatives of some of the people released from prison by the Court of Review and who were arrested following the investigation named “Olimpia” related to zoning variations in the Pontine capital. Interim custody orders were produced against businessmen, politicians and executives of the City of Latina, assuming the establishment of a criminal organization.

In Latina, Marco Cusumano of Il Messaggero was insulted, jostled and turned away with an elbow by relatives of former city councilor Giuseppe Di Rubbo. The journalist had approached the politician to ask for a statement at the time of his exit from prison (see). The same Rubbo has repeatedly shouted to the reporter: “Go away”.

In Velletri, furthermore, the family of the executive of the City of Latina, the architect Rino Monti, have prevented a photojournalist of Il Messaggero to document Monti’s exit.

“It’s the first time in all these years that I found myself in such a situation – Cusumano told Ossigeno. The paradox is that, although I have followed the arrests of one of the most dangerous clans in the area, the tension sparked with the so-called white collars”.

Indeed, it has been the work of journalists in the province of Latina, who investigate organized crime, that has been praised on November 29, 2016 by the Chief Constable of Latina, Giuseppe De Matteis, during the presentation of the report in the Mafias in the Lazio Region 2016. “Here there are heroines and heroes who have denounced these phenomena of mafia infiltration. They are those who quietly carry on their own battles, they are the journalists of this province”, De Matteis said. (read)


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