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Molise. Le Iene tv show acquitted, accused from Federfarma

Nadia Toffa, Luca Tiraboschi, Marco Fubini and Stefano Rinaldi had ended up on trial for a report on the introduction of recipe-validating machines

The crew of Le Iene TV show, sued by Federfarma Molise for a service from 29 March 2012 on the introduction of recipe-validating machines in pharmacies, was acquitted from charges of defamation.

It was reported in an article of November 19, 2016 from molisetoday (read more).

The judge of the Court of Campobasso ruled that there was “lack of evidence” for Nadia Toffa, reporter for the Italia 1 channel TV show, Luca Tiraboschi, director of the network, the television writer Marco Fubini and Stefano Rinaldi, the engineer interviewed by the show as part of the report.

Ossigeno had already dealt with the case in December 2015, when the four defendants were indicted for libel by the Judge for the preliminary hearing of Campobasso (read more).

After having aired the service, from which stemmed the libel suit by Federfarma Molise, chaired by Luigi Sauro, the crew had returned to the region to pursue the matter, but had been threatened by the president, as can be seen in a following episode of the show.

Ossigeno covered the case since April 17, 2012.


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