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Naples. Relatives of arrested attack an operator of Sky tv

On 19 November 2016 a SKY cameraman was attacked by relatives of two arrested while filming, from the outside of the barracks ‘Pastrengo’ of Naples, the exit of the detainees

It was denounced in a statement by Claudio Silvestri, secretary of the Union of Journalists of Campania, which defines the incident “unacceptable.” “Reporters – Silvestri continues – must be put in the condition to do their work” (read more). The complaint also comes from the company Videoinformazioni that, on its Facebook page, shows the video of the attack (look here). The operator was attacked and moved away from the entrance of the barracks, while the relatives of the two boys screamed and threatened him. The two youths have been arrested because they were detected – in a video – as those responsible for a “stesa”, a shootout to prove the strength of a criminal clan. The incident took place in via Toledo, in Naples, on September 7, 2016. Along with the SKY video-reporter, two of his colleagues were also assaulted.


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