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Press freedom. More cooperation between Seemo and Ossigeno

Among the NGO based in Vienna and the Observatory located in Rome began a joint activity at the international level. An agreement signed in Belgrade. A joint statement

“Between Ossigeno per l’Information and the South East European Media Organisation (SEEMO) began a closer cooperation to implement joint initiatives in defense of the press freedom and in particular for the protection of journalists, monitoring of threats and the assistance which they need to continue their work, announced Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO Secretary general, in Belgrade during the tenth edition of SEEMF, the South East European Media Forum. The Forum was attended by journalists from the Balkans and Central Europe, and representatives of the main organizations in defense of press freedom.

The agreement between Ossigeno and SEEMO has been signed by Oliver Vujovic and Alberto Spampinato and consecrated by a handshake. The first joint initiative of the two NGOs was the statement issued Tuesday, November 22, 2016 by which it calls on all governments to implement the recent UN Resolutions and Recommendations of the Council of Europe, asking to set up public monitoring centers in each country to observe threats to journalists and react very soon to defend them from attacks and consequences. ASP

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