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Prevents reporter from working. Figc sanctions director general of Pavia

Established for Nicola Bignotti, former director general of the Football Association Pavia, an inhibition for two months and a fine of 1,200 euro payable by the club

The former director general – for months – has denied the reporter Luca Simeone of the newspaper La Provincia Pavese access to the grandstand and the stadium press room and the chance to interview the players. In October 2015, the club had announced to the newspaper the withdrawal of the reporter’s pass, although until January 2016 had access to the stadium with accreditation issued from time to time by the club. It appears that the exclusion of Simeone stems from two of his articles that were note appreciated by the sports club: one published on January 16, 2016 (read); the other published on the 29th the same month (read). The news was reported on the USSI website, the Italian Sports Press Union. The ruling was issued by the Italian Football Federation on 6 December 2016.


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