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Sports. Juventus denies accreditation to two reporters of la Gazzetta dello Sport

For the Juventus Football Club there was no need to release the pass to other journalists. The newspaper: “The club was resentful for an article.” USSI and FNSI intervened

The Juventus Football Club has denied the request for accreditation to two journalists of La Gazzetta dello Sport for the match against Pescara of 19 November 2016.

As reported by the newspaper’s board (read more), Juventus would have motivated the refusal by claiming that the freedom of the press would be guaranteed to the daily by the four season passes, released at the beginning of the championship, without the need for further accreditations. “Only those are welcome guests, the others are not. And for the next games – they told us via mail – they will evaluate what to do case by case”, the board wrote in a statement.

“Of the two required accreditations – Francesco Ceniti of the Gazzetta’s board says – one involved the journalist Gianbattista Olivero, author of an article from November 4, 2016, which sparked controversy because of a phrase attributed to goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.” In particular, to arouse the discontent of the Juventus club would have been a phrase attributed by Olivero to Buffon. The goalkeeper, despite his team’s victory, to incite his comrades not to rejoice too quickly, he said: “In A they dodge us, in Europe they don’t”. (read more)

On the case, the FNIS and the USSI intervened condemning the attitude of the club because the decision, besides violating “the rights of colleagues, does not respect the provisions of the CONI”. “The claim by Juventus – the journalists’ union said – to choose the journalists of La Gazzetta to be credited to the Stadium of Turin, reaching the point of denying accreditation to journalists considered unwelcome, is not just an issue of violation of the rules, on which the League Soccer, the Football Federation and the CONI should intervene, but an issue that involves the duty of journalists to provide correct information in the exclusive interest of citizens.”


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