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Sports. President of Palmese football club announces lawsuit against reporter

Giuseppe Carbone resented an article by the journalist Sigfrifo Parrello in which his referral by the Federal Prosecutor is described

Giuseppe Carbone, president of the football club US Palmese, has instructed his lawyers to sue the journalist Sigfrido Parrello. Mr Carbone contests Parrello for an article from October 25, 2016, published on the website Costaviolanews, in which the journalist told of the referral of the President to the Federal Court by the Federal Prosecutor. According to Carbone, who on the same day pf the article’s publication announced in a press release of wanting to sue, his name and that of his team are not in the acts of the prosecutor of Catanzaro.

“I hope that with the help of honest people the truth will win and that once and for all we’ll be able to put an end to ‘servitude’,” Parrello told Ossigeno.

In the article, titled “Dirty Soccer, jurisdiction referral declined for the Palmese and Carbone”, the journalist reported that federal prosecutors had referred Carbone to the Regional Federal Court of Calabria for having favored the fixing of the match Paolana-Palmese, that ended in a draw.

Due to a technical error in the timing of the submission of the documents by the prosecutor, the referral was declared declined by the jurisdiction.


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