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Trani. Reporter acquitted of dispute between politician and policeman

Nicola Aurora (Il Giornale di Trani) had reported the episode in two articles. A former city councilor and his wife had sued him

On 17 November 2016 the Court of Trani has closed the proceedings for libel against the chief editor of Il Giornale di Trani, Nicola Aurora, sued by former councilor of the city of the Puglia region, Riccardo Gagliardi, and by his wife in January 2013. The couple challenged the journalist for the publication of two articles, one on the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno and the other on the website of the Giornale di Trani (read), which referred of a dispute – ended in the Attorney’s hands – between Gagliardi, his wife and a traffic policeman for parking the couple’s car in double row. For the magistrate, who rejected the opposition of the plaintiffs in filing a claim dated October 2015, the freedom of the press was respected. The filing comes after four years: the facts date back to 2012.

“There is satisfaction with the ruling by the judge for the preliminary investigation, which certifies the accuracy of the work done, and strengthens the passion for a profession which, especially at local level, is fraught with many pitfalls” Nicola Aurora told Ossigeno.

As reported in the articles by Nicola Aurora, tempers got heated as a result of the traffic policeman’s request – to the wife of Gagliardi – to move the car, parked in double row near a school in the city, right at the moment when school was closing. Following the refusal by the lady to move the car, the husband, who at the time was a city councillor, intervened giving rise to the altercation. The agent of the municipal police – who was also sued by the spouses Gagliardi – had then had to go to the emergency room.


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