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Unicredit convenes press conference, but selects the news agencies

Only international agencies, and one Italian agency, have been admitted. FNSI and Lombard association intervene: respect article 21

The Unicredit group, for the press conference of 13 December 2016 – in a conference call – for the presentation of the new business plan, has selected the press agencies admitted to the meeting. All clear for international agencies, while only one Italian agency was allowed inside. This was reported by the FNSI and the Lombard press association (read).

“After sports, now also big finance. The vice of choosing which news outlets, which journalists to give accreditation to (and as such grant them access) at times of communication with the press has contaminated the UniCredit group too … It is unacceptable – the note continues – that the big players, which should be used to concepts of completion and transparency in communications, lend themselves to these debatable practices. The hope now is that yesterday’s incident is just that, an involuntary accident which will not happen again in the future”.

The trade union speaks of a “manifest limitation to the right to report, the right to criticize and to freedom of information” and asks for the respect of all those democratic procedures guaranteed by article 21 of the Constitution.


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