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Aemilia trial. Accused do not want journalists in court room

They accuse the media of “media lynching”. After the protests of Order, Democratic Party and M5S, the judges rejected the request

The defendants in the maxi-trial on the ‘Ndrangheta named “Aemilia”, which has been going on for ten months in Reggio Emilia, contend that the trial is to be held behind closed doors, without admitting in the audience neither reporters nor school groups.

Immediate the protest of the Order of Journalists of Emilia Romagna. “The journalist – the president Antonio Farné underlined – has the duty to inform without being subject to authorization or censorship. Aware of our civil role, we will continue to follow thetrial, with the sole aim of telling the truth.”

Also representatives of the Democratic Party and the M5S intervened by insisting that the trial would continue in public, and indeed have raised the staked by launching the idea of broadcasting the hearings live.

The request of the accused, with reference to a “media lynching” to which they would be subjected to, was made on behalf also of others, by Sergio Bolognino, considered by the prosecution one of the leaders of the mafia-type organization.

The Court of Reggio Emilia, however, has rejected the application and declared it inadmissible. The judges recalled how “the public aspect of a hearing is ‘under penalty of nullity’ is first of all the fundamental guarantee of the accused, and as such recognized by the European Convention on Human Rights”.


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