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Catania. 10 years to clear from all charges journalists accused by magistrate

They are Marco Travaglio and Giuseppe Giustolisi. In a 2006 article they revealed relations between the former deputy prosecutor and an entrepreneur

The Court of Appeals of Rome upheld an acquittal of 2011 against the journalists Giuseppe Giustolisi and Marco Travaglio. The two were sued by the then prosecutor of Catania, Giuseppe Gennaro, for an article entitled “Here come the people of Catania”, published on Micromega in 2006.

The article reported that there would have been relations between Gennaro and the contractor Carmelo Rizzo. In the first degree the Court decided for the acquittal because “the offense does not exist”. But Dr. Gennaro (who died in December of 2015) appealed.

The story has also been told by the newspaper Le Iene Sicule.


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