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IFJ. New insurance scheme for journalists in danger

Offered on weeks basis. Cover risky assignments in dangerous areas in every country. Insurance cover start  from €12 per week

Brussels, 17 January 2017 –  The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has joined forces with a major insurance company to unveil a new cost-effective insurance scheme covering all media workers without restriction in any region of the world – including war zones.

Many insurance companies refuse to insure news professionals working in dangerous areas, or do it at very heavy costs, which results in many reporters and freelancers, including fixers and technical staff, covering news in some of the world’s most dangerous countries without the safety net of an insurance policy.

All policies are provided by IOMA Insurance in conjunction with Lloyd’s of London, the specialist insurance market. Insurance cover starts from as little as €12 per week for €100,000 cover and policies can be obtained in matter of minutes online here.



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