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Bad News | Thursday February 16

Malta: Libel suits and warrants against blogger Caruana Galizia
From court on request of a garnishee order from Economy Minister Chris Cardona and his consultant Joe Gerada

Call on the Osce to appoint soon a new Media’s Representative
Dunja Mijatovic will leave next March 10, after after serving a one year extension of her two three-year terms. And yet no announcement of her successor

7 intimidations against journalists this week in Italy
This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 7 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators which names have been includes in the Table.

Threats in Italy

Brindisi. Journalist’s car tires slashed
She is Stefania De Cristofaro (Brindisi Report). For several months she has been following an investigation by the DIGOS unit on management of a subsidiary company owned by the City

Journalist investigated for book on the mafia. She hasn’t disclosed her source
Stefania Limiti is accused of producing false statements to the prosecutor. Ossigeno comments: the knot of professional secrecy set contradictorily is being put forward once again

Magistrate to “La Civetta”: 5 million or i’ll bring you to court
The journalists Franco Oddo and Marina De Michele have been warned for articles on the Prosecutor’s Office of Syracuse, published between 2011-2013. Called in the Supreme Council of the Judiciar

Camorra. Police protection to Marilena Natale for threats from the Casalesi
It was assigned to her by the Prefect of Caserta. The reporter would want to give up the protection. Solidarity from FNSI and SUGC

Naples. Police protection tackles reporter. Crocetta: it’s not true
Alessandro Migliaccio and Dino Giarrusso (Le Iene) attempted to approach the President of the Sicily Region. ODG and Campania union protest

Defamation. The fact does not exist. Journalist acquitted after six years
Alida Amico had been sued by a Caltanissetta city councillor who complained of the combination of his name to the Mafia

Defamation. Enel asks 400k euro to
The energy company denies an article of 11 October 2016, in which a conflict of interests for the conclusion of an advertising contract with Eataly is vented

Striscia la Notizia. Luca Abete attacked by car dealer
It happened in the province of Caserta. The envoy asked for explanations on the alleged tampering with an odometer, signaled by a buyer

Football. “Bastards”. Banner and six thousand signatures against journalist Pistocchi
Banner hoisted by Juventus fans during the Sassuolo-Juventus match following a Tweet by the reporter commenting on a picture by Buffon. Petition to fire him

Football player presses charges against Il Fatto Quotidiano. Supreme court: there is the right to criticize
Marco Borriello had appealed after the Court of Rome had sentenced for an acquittal. The judge reminds that a public figure is open to criticism

2016 annus horribilis. Beaten the record of number of journalists killed
But how many victims have there been? The budgets revealed by the various international organizations vary inexplicably from 101 to 48, and this quells the alarm

Ossigeno. 412 journalists threatened in italy in 2016
This is the end-of-year balance of the Observatory. Although in order to understand the full dimension of the phenomenon, this number needs to be multiplied by 20 to be closer to reality

The gag to information. Dossier by Ossigeno

Ossigeno per l’Informazione has published this dossier on the occasion of the initiatives that it promoted, together with the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) of Leipzig, within the pilot project that goes by the same name and supported by the European Commission, to celebrate in Rome from October 24 to 26, 2016, the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, an annual event convened by the United Nations.

Free download the Dossier SHUT UP OR I’LL SUE YOU!

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