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Rejected after 11 years a request for damages of 260k euro

Marilù Mastrogiovanni was sued in 2006 by the publisher Paolo Pagliaro for an article on the web magazine Il Tacco d’Italia

After eleven long years since the act of citation, dated January 25, 2006, the Civil Court of Lecce rejected the claim for damages for defamation advanced by the publisher Paolo Pagliaro, legal representative of Telerama and Radiorama, against the journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni, chief editor of Il Tacco d’Italia. Pagliaro asked the reporter 260 thousand euro in damages for an article – published on Il Tacco on 1 December 2005 under the title “Pagliaro, the virtual empire” – in which the reporter denounced a series of criminal offenses perpetrated by the publisher. The court held unfounded the demand by Pagliaro. In addition to the claim for damages, for the same article, the editor of Telerama also filed a lawsuit. Mastrogiovanni was acquitted from those charges in 2014, that is almost nine years later, as reported by Ossigeno. (read)

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