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Striscia la Notizia. Luca Abete attacked by car dealer

It happened in the province of Caserta. The envoy asked for explanations on the alleged tampering with an odometer, signaled by a buyer

The envoy of Striscia la Notizia, Luca Abete, was assaulted by the owner of a car dealership in Arienzo, in the province of Caserta. When Abete, with microphone in hand and behind the tv operator who filmed the scene, asked him to account for allegations of tampering with the mileage of the cars on sale to deceive buyers, allegations of which he had detailed in a previous television report last April, the entrepreneur dismissed him with kicks and punches and chased him in a threatening manner on the street. The attack was recorded and broadcast on January 27, 2017 on the Canale 5 network. (watch video).

The reporter interviews a client of the licensee who shows him the used car’s odometer bought at the dealership which marks half of the kilometres certified by the previous owner.


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