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Viterbo. Tusciaweb reporter offended in city council

Giuseppe Ferlicca was publicly insulted by a man who protested his article. Solidarity from Roman press association

During the meeting held on January 26, 2017 in Viterbo, a man who was following the session amongst the public publicly insulted the reporter from Tusciaweb, Giuseppe Ferlicca, who was present and was doing his job. “this great fraud, a litte shop boy who works his master and you, masters also” he shouted, hurling insults, to the city councilors (watch the video).

The man – as the same Tusciaweb website reported (read) – would have protested for the publication of an article, dated 1 January 2017, which speaks of the wild posting of leaflets against the closure of the city center to traffic. On the case, the Mayor of Viterbo intervened, commenting the incident as “unfortunate”, as well as the Roman Press Association (ASR) which defended the journalist (read).

THE ASR NOTE – “The room of the City Council, but the Council even more, can not be transformed into a market where anyone can take the floor screaming and railing against anyone. It can not become an arena where the weapon to hit opponents is bad language, threats and personal insult – the ASR wrote in a note. As a union of journalists we ask the first citizen of Viterbo, Leonardo Michelini, to intervene also in court against this person, certainly not worthy to set foot in the halls of the Palazzo dei Priori while a Board session is in progress and prevent such incidents from happening again in the future”.


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