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Bad News | Friday March 3

Italy and Spain. Journalists under fire. Conference in Madrid
It will be held on March 23 at the Universitad Complutense following an initiative by Ossigeno and Plataforma por la Defensa de la Libertard de Informacion

Bologna. Sentenced to 26 years author of threats against journalist
The Court of Bologna has acknowledged the responsibility for the hypothesized violence against the journalist and the use of a mafia method

Fake News

#bastabufale. (#stopfakenews) Ossigeno signs appeal by Laura Boldrini
The goal is to involve schools, media and companies in the development of projects to stop fake news on the Internet

Italy. Gambaro bill proposes fake solutions
This article by Vincenzo Vita was published on February 22, 2017 by the newspaper Il Manifesto with the title “The bill of law against fake news must be stopped”

Professional Secrecy

Siena. Denied to non professionals
Concern for the prosecutor’s pressures on Augusto Mattioli in the trial for the disclosure of confidential material on Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Caltanissetta. Recognized to professionals
The Court of Appeal of Caltanissetta states that between the two categories there are no qualitative differences. The Martorana – Trovato case

The Memory Wall Panel in the school Margherita di Savoia in Rome
It was delivered on February 24, 2017. The memory of journalists killed for their work and the problems of today’s reporters. Questions and answers

10 intimidations against journalists this week in Italy

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 10 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators which names have been includes in the Table.

Caserta. Accused threatens reporter after hearing
Giuseppe Tallino (Cronache di Caserta) pressed charges against the former Chief of the Technical Office of Grazzanise, who had been taking notes in the courtroom

Palermo. Films blitz in gypsy camp. Threatened on facebook
The anonymous user first requested for the removal of the video. Solidarity from Order and UNCI Sicily. Ossigeno: obscure children’s faces

Rome. Smacks to the director of Gazebo while filming taxi drivers
Pierfrancesco Citriniti was filming with the camera the demonstration when he was hit by a man. The video is on Repubblica TV

Sardinia. Blogger removes article, then thinks twice
Giulia Serra had reported a change in the price of milk. The Cooperative Lacesa in Birori (Nuoro province) contests the modality


From our Partners

ECPMF. Arrest of German correspondent in Turkey causes alarm
Europe’s media freedom community is united in condemning the arrest of Deniz Yücel, Turkey correspondent for the German national daily Die Welt

Croatia. Journalist reveal names of men who attacked him
In an exclusive interview for Fairpress UNCUT, journalist of newspaper Jutarnji list, Dušan Miljuš, revealed that the police as well as other investigative bodies had knowledge of the the identity of the two men who attacked him in hours after the attack

The gag to information. Dossier by Ossigeno

Ossigeno per l’Informazione has published this dossier on the occasion of the initiatives that it promoted, together with the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) of Leipzig, within the pilot project that goes by the same name and supported by the European Commission, to celebrate in Rome from October 24 to 26, 2016, the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, an annual event convened by the United Nations.

Free download the Dossier SHUT UP OR I’LL SUE YOU!

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