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Caserta. Accused threatens reporter after hearing

Giuseppe Tallino (Cronache di Caserta) pressed charges against the former Chief of the Technical Office of Grazzanise, who had been taking notes in the courtroom

On February 24, 2017 the journalist Giuseppe Tallino filed a complaint to the Carabinieri against the former Chief of the Technical Office of the Municipality of Grazzanise (in the province of Caserta) for having been threatened outside the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Tallino, collaborator of Cronache di Caserta and Naples, that day was following on behalf of his newspaper a hearing of a trials in which the manager was charged with collusion and abuse of office.

The reporter claims that the municipal manager told him in a threatening tone: “I saw that you were taking notes in the court room. If you try to slander me you are in trouble”. Then, he approached him. “He pushed me with his body, making lose balance, almost making me fall”, Tallino reported to the police. A third person intervened to avoid a collision.

The Order of Journalists of Campania has expressed solidarity with the journalist and denounced the incident, calling it “a serious incident of attack, intimidation and threats.”


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