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Facebook. Sexist insults against reporter of “Unione Sarda” by mayor and former mayor

This was reported by the same newspaper. The mayor of Riola Sardo (Oristano province) and his predecessor did not like the articles by Sara Pinna. ODG and Assostampa protest

On February 28, 2017 the website of Unione Sarda reported (see) that the mayor of Riola Sardo (in the province of Oristano), Domenico Ari, and his predecessor, Ivo Zoncu, have published a series of lewd comments, then cancelled, containing sexist allusions against the journalist Sara Pinna, correspondent of the daily.

The journalist is not specified by name but is clearly identifiable. She would have been targeted for criticizing the council. The offensive comments were published on February 27. Solidarity to Pinna was expressed by representatives of the journalist trade unions of Unione Sarda and Nuova Sardegna, from the Order of Journalists and the Association of the Sardinian Press.

In her articles, the reporter gave space to a former commissioner who criticizes some of the administration’s choices. She also reported the protest and denunciation of some citizens opposed to the purchase of two copies of “nuragic” (i.e. ancient Sardinian) statues with resources initially raised for the building of a children’s playground.


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