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Freedom of the press. Reports violations to Ossigeno

Provide documents and facts. Ask for the Observatory’s assistance. Your information will be treated confidentially

Are you the victim of a violation of press freedom, freedom to report or of expression, of threats, intimidation, retaliation, abuse? Are you being sued with a pretext? Have you suffered a disproportionate sentencing for an error committed in the exercise of these rights? Are you facing a similar situation and do you feel the weight of isolation? You do not have sufficient resources to defend yourself from instrumental, unfounded, accusations that force you to face legal proceedings? Are you in this situation? Do you know someone who is in this situation? Do you want to make it known? Need help, advice, or a legal opinion?

Flag us a case. Write to this address. The Observatory will treat your information with confidentiality and discretion, will not disseminate sensitive data, will not reveal the content of your statements without your explicit consent, and would act as your trusted lawyer. If you want your request to be considered quickly, send a detailed report, with a valid exposition of the context and the facts and attach documents and items necessary for an objective evaluation.

The Observatory will verify the facts. If they are true and constitute one of the listed violations, Ossigeno will publicly denounce the incident and seek the attention of the competent national authorities and international institutions that safeguard the freedom of the press and assist journalists, bloggers, citizens who have exercised correctly the right to tell the facts of public interest and to express their opinion and find themselves in trouble for this reason.


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