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Offences on Facebook. M5s counselor from Biella presses charges against over 700 people

Antonella Buscaglia criticized the celebrations for the death of the man held responsible for the massacre of Berlin. This was reported by ANSA. Among those charged, there is also Matteo Salvini

The ANSA press agency reported on February 27, 2017 that Antonella Buscaglia, Municipal Councillor of Biella for the Five Star Movement, has sued for defamation over 700 people, including the Northern League secretary, Matteo Salvini, as being the authors of insults and violent criticism on Facebook, in the form of comments to a post in which she criticized the jubilation over the killing, in Sesto San Giovanni (outside Milan) of Anis Amri, the man held responsible for the massacre of Berlin. She wrote: “a man has been killed, there is nothing to rejoice about”. Many have interpreted her stance as a defense of the terrorist.


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