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Police finds author of threats against mayor of Vittoria and Borrometi

Two days before the mayor had reported receiving threatening messages on Facebook, which also mentioned the journalist

Two days after the complaint lodged by Giovanni Moscato, mayor of Vittoria (in the province of Ragusa) for having received threatening messages on Facebook also destined to the journalist Paolo Borrometi, the local police has identified and denounced the author, a thirty-two year old who has already been convicted and that, police sources report, was “already the recipient in 2011 of a precautionary measure to be sent to prison for the crime of extortion and already under special surveillance by the bodies of Public safety with a residence requirement.”

The man had used a fake profile to send messages. When he was located, he confessed. On February 22, 2017, Moscato and Borrometi (the journalist from Modica, chief editor of La Spia and collaborator of AGI, who has been living under police protection since 2014 for threats received, read more) had participated in an episode of the radio show broadcast on Rai Radio Anch’io where they talked about mafias and illegal hiring practices.


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