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Threatened journalists: Ossigeno: to defend them names and facts need to be published

To help journalists who receive threats and retaliations it is necessary to break the isolation which surrounds them when they are targeted. It is necessary, therefore, to publish the names and the facts with all the necessary details to make them concrete and credible as is the case for every news story. Only by doing this will the actions of solidarity become tangible and effective, saying who is alongside whom and why. This was maintained by Alberto Spampinato director of the Italian observatory in his address at the international conference on the theme, “Italy and Spain: Liberty and Censorship: the great silence.” held at the Complutense University in Madrid.  Declarations of solidarity are necessary, they are useful, but, he added, words are not enough. It is necessary to help concretely those threatened  to defend themselves, to continue with their work, to support the legal expenses incurred by the vexatious litigation to which they are subject and to do it also over a longer period.

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