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Viterbo, calciodellatuscia.it. Intimidating text to reporter

“Stop writing crap” or lawsuits will be launched. The author would be a manager of team who had been criticized. Solidarity from ASR

On February 24, 2017 the journalist Alessio Fratini, chief editor of the website calciodellatuscia.it, received a message on his mobile phone with which an anonymous ordered him to stop writing “bullshit” on the Capranica Calcio soccer team and has pre-announced a complaint. The message, Fratini reported, was sent from a phone number that belongs to a manager of the sports club. A few hours earlier, the journalist had published the latest in a series of articles on technical and corporate crisis of the club, criticizing the management. The Viterbo section of the Roman press association (ASR) expressed solidarity with the journalist (read more).

In an article published in the late morning of February 24, Alessio Fratini had written that the football club was “suffering from a corporate and technical crisis which may not allow the team to end the ongoing season.” Fratini had explained that some players had already abandoned the team, left with a list of 7/8 players and had criticized the methods for managing the crisis. (read)

The journalist said in an article published in the night between 24 and 25 February (read more) of having received a threatening message.


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