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Bad News | Monday April 10

The Communication Authority realized the Second Report of the “Observatory on Journalism” on health of information in Italy, with data gathered by Ossigeno

Submitted to the Senate the Second Report of the ”Observatory on Journalism” which measures the health of Italian information. Data gathered by Ossigeno used

9 threats between 1th and 7th April, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 9 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Mimmo Mazza, Giuseppe De Tommaso, Editore; Filippo Marra Cutrupi; Dario Lapenta; Loris Mazzetti, Antonio Padellaro; Emilio Casalini, Raffaele Manco.

Italy and Spain. Freedom and censorship. A deafening silence

The conference organised on the 23rd March 2017 by Ossigeno at the Complutense University in Madrid

In Spain pressure on and censorship of journalists

The “glasses” worn by Ossigeno are offered abroad

Germany. “Lying press”-claims turn in violence against media

Joan Barata, freedom of expression is decreasing

Defamation. Claudia Aldi acquitted, says “Thank You” to Ossigeno

A testimony of journalist Claudia Aldi, defended victoriously by the Legal Defence Office of Ossigeno in a trial for libel

Marche. Arson attack against the headquarters of Fano tv

Shortly before 21:00 on Thursday, March 23rd , 2017 the entrance door of the headquarters in Fano (Pesaro-Urbino) was set ablaze

Cardito (Naples). Freelance journalist beaten in a bar

Stefano Andreone, curator and manager of the website MetNews, had written of alleged corruption on exhumations. Complaint filed. Solidarity from FNSI and SUGC

Parentopoli. The Court of Bari sends complaint against the Gazzetta to the archives

The journalist Scagliarini and the chief editor De Tomaso were denounced by a teacher and a researcher from the University who asked for 70 thousand euro

Alatri (Frosinone). Morganti murder, Tagadà reporter attacked

Irene Buscemi has denounced the violent removal of her camera after filming a fight between the relatives of the young man killed





From our Partners

Political and economic interests in media ownership are squeezing Kosovar journalism

FYROM: Political-motivated violence a threat to journalists

Photographs on the safety of journalists. UNESCO Call for Proposals
Professional photographers from all over the world are invited to send a sample of their best photographs showing risky mission and the impunity issue

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