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Bad News | Monday April 3

Italy and Spain. Freedom and censorship. A deafening silence

In Spain pressure on and censorship of journalists

The description given by speakers at the conference organised on the 23rd March 2017 by Ossigeno at the Complutense University in Madrid


Mario De Castro: Spain needs more Oxygen for a free press

The speech that Mario Garcia de Castro gave at the Complutense University in Madrid on March 23rd, 2017 on the occasion of the conference

Italy and Spain. Journalists under fire. Conference in Madrid

It was held on March 23 at the Universitad Complutense following an initiative by Ossigeno and Plataforma por la Defensa de la Libertard de Informacion

Themes and speakers of the meeting

Seminary sponsored by Ossigeno per l’Informazione-ECPMF-PDLI and supported by the European Commission

Read More in Italian on the conference in Madrid

Read More in Spanish on the conference in Madrid

8 intimidations against journalists between 25 and 31 march, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 8 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators.
Targeted because of their work: Marco Ferri + redazione; Stefano Andreone; Irene Buscemi; Massimiliano Scagliarini, Giuseppe De Tomaso; Claudia Aldi.

Defamation. From Calabria a judgment with a european reach

The Court of Reggio recognized the intimidating effect of the citation for a million euro. The bill before the Senate is still in the doldrums (and needs to be rewritten)

Scopelliti was not slandered. Damage Compensation Claim of one million euro rejected

After more than six years, the judge deemed the legal action of the former governor of Calabria against journalists Lucio Musolino and Paolo Pollichieni as “intimidating”

Bologna. Banners at the stadium against journalists

The writing “infamous journalists, get off our backs” were on display during the Bologna-Chievo game. ODG, USSI and GERGS Emilia Romagna intervened

Threats from the extreme right. Protection for journalist of La Repubblica

It was established by the provincial committee for order and public safety, following engraving of nazi symbols on the car of Paolo Berizzi. The notes from CDR and FNSI

Juventus to sports justice for infiltrations in the fan base

The club had threatened lawsuit against Il Fatto Quotidiano, which had written of a disciplinary investigation for alleged links between the leaders and criminals in environments amongst hooligan groups

Melendugno (Lecce). Tgnorba crew attacked by demonstrator

Journalist and operator were documenting a protest against the construction of the TAP gas pipeline. Solidarity from Assostampa Puglia and Newsroom Committee

From our Partners

ECPMF: LuxLeaks’ Deltour gets part of sentence reduced in court appeal
The outcome of Antoine Deltour’s appeal has both pleased and disappointed his supporters. The ECPMF had contributed €1,000 to the French whistleblower’s case and continues to follow it.

OBC – Serbia: propaganda and control on the web

JOURNALISMFUND: Keynote speaker Dataharvest ’17

Photographs on the safety of journalists. UNESCO Call for Proposals
Professional photographers from all over the world are invited to send a sample of their best photographs showing risky mission and the impunity issue

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