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Bad News | Wednesday April 26

3 May. Ossigeno celebrate the World Press Freedom Day in Roma

A ceremony at the “memory stone wall”, a conference at the Italian Senate and, in the evening, a free admission concert in memory of killed journalists

Italy. 10 threats between 15th and 21st April, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 10 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Luca Teolato; Matteo Spini; Journalistis Corriere della Calabria; Luca Abete, videoperatore.

Germany. FAZ reports a judiciary case for news about Mafia

This article by was published from Frankfurter Allzemain

Lecce. Defamation. Gip orders charges for two reporters

Fabiana Pacella and Stefano Elli were sued by Flavio Ciurlia, president of the BCC of Terre d’Otranto, for an article appeared on Il Sole 24 Ore. Pacella also for one appeared on

L’Unità. Judge dismisses lawsuit by director against reporter

Three years ago Fabrizio Meli, of the NIE publishing company, sued Carlo Patrignani for criticism to the management expressed in two blog posts


Italy and Spain. Freedom and censorship. A deafening silence

The conference organised on the 23rd March 2017 by Ossigeno at the Complutense University in Madrid

In Spain pressure on and censorship of journalists

The “glasses” worn by Ossigeno are offered abroad

Germany. “Lying press”-claims turn in violence against media

Joan Barata, freedom of expression is decreasing


From our Partners

Survey: In Europe many journalists suffer violence and intimidation

The European Press Prize to a serbian group of journalist

Osce meeting on cooperation Greek – Turkish Cypriot journalists


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