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He threatened Borrometi. Titta Ventura sentenced to twenty months

From the Court of Ragusa, for attempted domestic violence with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism. He will have to pay the journalist 30,000 euro and 5,500 euro to the other civil parties

On April 4, 2017 the Criminal Court of Ragusa sentenced to one year and eight months in prison the serial lawbreaker G. Battista Ventura, also known as Titta, for threats against the journalist under police protection, Paolo Borrometi, chief editor of La Spia and collaborator of the AGI news agency. The panel of judges ruled out the aggravated formula of employing the mafia method and sentenced Ventura for attempted domestic violence – with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism – and to pay court costs. Moreover Ventura, which with the ruling of April 4 has been released from prison, will have to pay the journalist thirty thousand euro for damages and 5,500 euro to the other civil parties: the FNSI, the Order of Journalists and the City of Vttoria. Prosecutors had asked for six years and six months imprisonment.

“It is an important piece – Paolo Borrometi comments to Ossigeno – but there is still the need to fight. The rulings are respected and let’s take the good from them. Now there are other trials to be deal with and a job to continue.” The journalist stresses the importance of the support received from many colleagues who “have never made me feel alone. It is an important decision – Borrometi continues – because the Court has recognized to the professional organizations the right to compensation. Especially at a time like this, my thoughts go to what for me is the true martyr of the “stupid” province of Ragusa, Giovanni Spampinato. If we want to grow in the awareness of the issues also tied to the mafia in that territory, we have to start by recalling and honoring the memory of Giovanni”.

Ventura had repeatedly threatened to kill the journalist for articles published in the newspaper La Spia and on the Facebook page of the news outlet. In the month of August 2015, Titta Ventura had written to the journalist: “I’ll cut your head even inside the Constabulary of Vittoria. From now on I’ll be your nightmare.” (read)

Commenting with satisfaction the ruling, the National Order of Journalists recalled: “That of the threats against colleagues has now become a worrying phenomenon. In the first 90 days of 2017 the Observatory Ossigeno per l’Informazione has documented threats against 57 journalists. It has also published the news of threats in 36 other episodes from previous years, but known to the Observatory only now.” (read)

Approval also from the FNSI: “The verdict vindicates the Press Federation, which for the first time wanted to bring on a civil action” – the general secretary and the president of the FNSI, Raffaele Lorusso and Giuseppe Giulietti, stated. (read)


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