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L’Unità. Judge dismisses lawsuit by director against reporter

Three years ago Fabrizio Meli, of the NIE publishing company, sued Carlo Patrignani for criticism to the management expressed in two blog posts

After three years of investigation, the GIP of the Court of Rome has closed a defamation case against the journalist Carlo Patrignani, sued in September 2014 by Fabrizio Meli, managing director of NIE, publishing company of the newspaper L’Unità. Meli had challenged the contents of three articles published in June and July 2014 (two on the blog Formiche.net and another on the Huffington Post) in which Patrignani had criticized management decisions following the financial crisis of the newspaper, since the publishing company NIE had been put into liquidation.

The measure was given by the judge for the preliminary investigations Annalisa Marzano on February 24, 2017, at the request of the Public Prosecutor Nadia Plastina. The same prosecutor, in fact, on July 14, 2016 had submitted the request to send the case to the archives, recognizing that the disputed items “did not exceed the limits of continence, because the expressions used do not alter neither the subject of the news nor the formal correctness.”

“The magistrate has put an end to two years of tension – the journalist said – but I had to personally bear the legal costs. To limit the reckless lawsuits, legislation is required so as to include, in case of sending a case to the archives or acquittal, at least of penalties for the complainant.”


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