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Turkey. Gabriele Del Grande detained without legal warranties

Not yet clear the reasons for the stop. On the phone with his father he announced a hunger strike. Pressing on the Ankara government

On the morning of April 24th, 2017 Gabriele Del Grande was released and repatriated in Italy with a flight landed in Bologna.

The initiatives of solidarity and requests for the immediate release of the Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande, detained in a Turkish prison without legal assistance after the arrest on April 10, 2017 during a police check on the border with Syria, have been multiplying. Del Grande was filming and gathering testimonials to make a video documentary about the refugees’ exit from Syria. Only after a week he was able to call his father and say that he was fine, but the official reason why he was stopped is still unclear. He also announced that he had started a hunger strike in protest to demand that his rights be respected.

The Foreign Minister, Angelino Alfano – explains a note from the Farnesina – sent Italy’s consul, based in Smyrna, to the administrative detention center of Mugla, where Del Grande is located. The Foreign Office is asking the Turkish authorities for the journalist to receive regular legal and consular assistance.

The Senate president, Pietro Grasso, hopes to be able to receive him soon at Palazzo Madama.

Meanwhile, the demonstrations of solidarity and appeals for the release of the Italian documentarian have been sprucing up. “As we have done since the very first moment, we are asking more and more vigorously to Italian authorities to double the demands for the release of Gabriele Del Grande, stopped only for attempting to di his job”, the Secretary General and President of the FNSI, Raffaele Lorusso and Giuseppe Giulietti, said.

An appeal for the release of Del Grande was launched by the Italian ISF Association.

Ossigeno asks the Turkish authorities to ensure the safety of the Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande, as well as the full respect for his right to a defense as per the international conventions, and adheres to the ongoing initiatives to obtain the immediate release and return to Italy.


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