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Bad News | Friday May 12

Football: 43 aggressions, threats and lawsuits against bothersome reporters

So many cases recorded in two years. Difficult relationships between media and sports. And the Anti-Mafia Commission investigates infiltrations by organized crime

In the football world, the relationship between sports clubs and journalists becomes increasingly difficult due to intimidation and aggression by the fans and quarrels and various obstacles by sports clubs. From March 2015 to December 2016, Ossigeno recorded 43 cases of threat.

Gaeta. Arson attack against the car of Federica Angeli’s lawyer

Paolo Mazzà, legal representative of Republica and L’Espresso, does not rule out the possibility of a retaliation or a warning. The FNSI calls for a meeting with the Minister for the Interior

Two days before the lawyer had received the journalist who, since 2011, has been living under police protection following the death threats she suffered.

Rome. Five threatening text messages sent to a freelance

Sent from a telephone booth in the Prati neighborhood to Luca Teolato, a contributor to the Il Fatto Quotidiano who recently published articles of inquiry on several topics

The messages have a clear intimidating purpose: “I’m watching you,” “bastard,” “we are keeping an eye on you, mind you,” “we’re coming to take you”, “mind yourself”: this is their content. The Carabinieri have identified the numbers from which the text messages were sent: some telephone booths in the Prati neighborhood in Rome.

Former Prime Minister’s father asks 300 thousand euro in damage claims to Marco Travaglio

Tiziano Renzi has filed a civil lawsuit against the chief editor of Il Fatto Quotidiano for articles published in 2015-2016 describing his business

Fake troupe accuses tg1 chief editor of censorship. Fnsi protests reveals: they were employees of the M5S parliamentary group. They have accused Mario Orfeo not covering Grillo and the CONSIP case


Video. Why the memory panel in schools and in city councils

A reflection and a positive balance of the Ossigeno campaign launched a year ago to remember journalists killed because of their work

Anguillara (Rome). Memory panel to the city library

It remembers the journalists killed because of their work. Delivered to the Mayor Sabrina Anselmo and to the Counselor Viviana Normando

Video. Ossigeno at Officina Stampa webtv

Threats, protection, assistance, visibility, self-censorship. The themes of the interview with the director of the Observatory, Alberto Spampinato

Defamation and Insult Laws in the OSCE Region. A Study by IPI

from – It offers an overview of the compliance of OSCE participating States’ legislation with international standards and best practices

This IPI analysis is divided into two sections. The first section offers conclusions according to each of the principal categories researched and in reference to international standards on freedom of expression. The second section provides the detailed research findings for each country, including relevant examples, generally within the last 10 years.

Italy. 11 threats between 1st and 11th May, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 11 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Franco Abruzzo; Gabriele Carchidi; Fabio Postiglione; Gaetano Ferraro; Francesca Parisella, operatore; Lidia De Angelis, Christian De Angelis, Renato De Angelis; Letizia Tassinari; Claudia Cernigoi.

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