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Bad News | Saturday May 20

Cosenza. Journalist condemned to thirty months, risks prison

The case of Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of Four convictions in court in eight months without conditional suspension of the sentence

Over the last eight months, Gabriele Carchidi, a 52-year-old journalist from Cosenza, chief editor of the online newspaper, was convicted by the Tribunal of Cosenza four times, always for libel. In total, two and a half years imprisonment were imposed on him, without the benefit of a conditional sentence. The first eight months sentence was imposed on September 27, 2016. The second, to seven months, on March 29, 2017. The third, to nine months, two days later, on March 31, 2017. The last sentence, to six months of detention, was issued on 10 May 2017, at the end of a trial stemming from a lawsuit by the mayor of the city, Mario Occhiuto.

In jail for libel. The four sentences against Gabriele Carchidi

In detail, the four judgments of the Court of Cosenza, which have imposed prison sentences without conditional suspension

There have been four condemnations for libel that the Court of Cosenza has handed down in the last eight months against the journalist Gabriele Carchidi, head of the online news outlet, imposing on him every time – in addition to fines – a prison sentence and denying him the benefit of the conditional suspension of the sentence, imposing a total of two and a half years in prison for which the arrest is not carried out only because the convicted has appealed and is awaiting the Appeal’s Court to rule.

To jail for libel. In Cosenza a new “Sallusti case”

If the condemnations against Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of, will not be canceled, the journalist will end in jail, as happened in 2012 to the chief editor of Il Giornale

The journalist from Cosenza Gabriele Carchidi is likely to have to pay a prison sentence. If that happens, Italy will again be subjected to the pillory as happened in 2012, following the arrest of Alessandro Sallusti: our country was designated as one of the Western countries that least respects press freedom.

Italy. 2 threats between 12th and 18th May, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 2 cases of intimidation against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Antonio Passanese; Attilio Bolzoni.

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