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Trapani. Supporters of mayoral candidate block journalist

Silvio Schembri and the cameraman Salvatore Butticé (La Gabbia) had reached Girolamo Fazio, under investigation for corruption, at an electoral event

The journalist Silvio Schembri, a reporter for the TV show La Gabbia broadcast on La7, and his cameraman, Salvatore Butticé, were blocked and insulted in Trapani on Sunday, June 4, 2017 by supporters of candidate Mayor Girolamo Fazio, now in a ballot after the vote on Sunday, June 11th.

A week after the vote, Schembri and the operator had reached Fazio during an electoral event, a bicycle ride on the streets of Trapani, asking questions about the criminal case in which Fazio was being investigated for corruption and for which he was placed under house arrest and subsequently released.

On June 7th, La 7 aired the video of the aggression (watch between min. 31’56” and min. 35’34”). Schembri received solidarity from UNESCO Sicily.

For a lawsuit for libel filed by Girolamo Fazio, former mayor of Trapani and deputy of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, in January 2016 another journalist, Nicola Rinaudo of the magazine Extra, was sentenced to one year of imprisonment (read).


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