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Human Rights. Communicating them in a simpler way, proposes FRA

Presented in Roma the action plan of the european agency. What to do in Italy? Ossigeno, Amnesty, Lidu, Diversity, Fondazione Brodolini among the italian ONG consulted

Promote the knowledge and respect of the right of information and other human rights in a new, simpler and more clear language and through initiatives in every country, using tools that can reach the general public, the citizens who are the holders of these rights.

This is the main goal of “Communicating Rights”, the action plan of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), presented in Rome on 11 July at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Friso Roscam Abbing (FRA) illustrate the plan – which he supervise – in a meeting with Filippo di Robilant (FRA), Benedetto Della Vedova, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, and Fabrizio Petri, the diplomatic officer that is the President of the inter-ministerial Human Rights Committee in Italy (CIDU).

FRA wants to involve Italian NGOs working in human rights field, to define and implement this plan, Abbing told. For this purpose, they gathered their representatives in a closed workshop, in order to discuss ideas and proposals.

The meeting was attended by Ossigeno per l’Informazione, Lega Italiana per i Diritti Umani (LIDU), Amnesty International, Diversity, Brodolini Foundation, Italian Order of Journalists.

The representatives of Ossigeno (Andrea Di Pietro, Matteo Finco, Giuseppe F. Mennella, Alberto Spampinato) talked about the initiatives of the Italian Observatory in the field of rights’ defense, intrinsic in its activity.

This experience show that denying the problem is the first obstacle to be overcome in order to promote the respect of the right to information. The second obstacle is the silence of the media about these issues. This has a consequence: to communicate with citizens about human rights through newspapers, TV, radio and online magazines, NGO have to pay advertisiment, with unsustainable costs for them. Finally, Ossigeno’s representatives talk about the effectiveness of training courses for students and adults (the Observatory organizes a large number of it for journalists; now one for detainees in Rome is running) and of other initiatives like music shows and art events. For example Ossigeno organized two concerts in Rome (“Music and Words”) on May 3 and June 21 2017, obtaining prestigious patronages and attracting large audience.


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