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Mailbox. Curio Pintus wrote us about his citation against Irpi

I didn’t want to intimidate anyone, he says. A comment on the article “Querele. Ossigeno difende in giudizio due freelance IRPI” (Citations. Ossigeno defends two freelancers from IRPI) (read)

Entrepreneur Curio Pintus commented on the decision by the Ossigeno per l’Informazione’s Legal Assistance Office to assume the defence of Lorenzo Bagnoli and Lorenzo Bodrero both cited for damages, stating that his legal action is neither spurious nor unfounded.

In his opinion, the article he contests is based on false information and is defamatory in particular because it speaks of a contract that in reality doesn’t exist and because it states that Pintus tired to defraud the UN.

Pintus concludes by arguing that the message he recently sent to Bagnoli, inviting him to meet him to clarify the facts in person, had no intimidating intent. It was indeed intended to seek an agreement for removing the article he considers “rubbish”, thus avoiding disputing the claim in courts around the world.


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