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Vieste. Reporter Nello Trocchia attacked on crime scene

A man slammed his head against the wall. Nemo‘s envoy (RAI2) was shooting at the site of a mafia murder. Solidarity from the FNSI

A man whose identity is still not known started kicking the journalist Nello Trocchia, envoy for Nemo – Nessuno Escluso (aired on RAI2), then dragged him in the street and slammed his head against the wall. The attack took place in Vieste, in the province of Foggia, on July 27, 2017, where Trocchia had arrived with the video-maker Riccardo Cremona to produce a report on a mafia murder in the province of Foggia. The journalist and the operator were shooting outside a restaurant where Omar Trotta had just been killed, aged 31, and with precedents.

The journalist was medicated at the emergency room of Vieste: he reported a contusion facial trauma and excoriations. Solidarity from the FNSI.

The next day Trocchia denounced the episode to the Carabinieri of Vico del Gargano.

“There was only one camera on site, ours, when we should, on the other hand, shine lights as if it were broad daylight on what’s going on in the area. A murder every ten days since last April is scary. Like the ferocity and aggression of those who live in this daily violence”, Trocchia wrote on Facebook, giving thanks for the solidarity received.

Ossigeno said that “it is necessary to illuminate the reality of those areas, to turn the spotlight on the ferocity of the mafia into those lands and to create the conditions for the free press to do its duty. There is a lack of media and politics in this area, Trocchia concludes. If there were other ten cameras beside ours, no one would have put their hands on a journalist.”

Ossigeno has already dealt with cases involving Nello Trocchia in the past, who on several occasions has been the victim of intimidation for his work. In the Monthly Ossigeno Report of August 2015 (read), Trocchia was counted among the journalists for whom adequate protection measures were needed.


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