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Journalists. 66 intimidations recorded by Ossigeno between February and March 2018


A further 128 probable episodes of unjustifiable attacks reported to the institutions and to other associations with the request to verify the validity of them

Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno February-March 2018 28th April 2018


This bimonthly summary of attacks on media workers in Italy is compiled by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) with

Puglia: “No photos” they tell a photo-journalist and attempt to assault him

da Corriere Salentino

Toti Bello was at Acquarica del Capo (Lecce) documenting the action of firemen putting out a fire in an apartment

Turin: Four months for the reporter who followed the “No Tav” demonstrators

Davide Falcioni

The reporter was held culpable for assisting in trespassing through having entered the offices of a company. The events took place in August 2012.

Bari: Bank manager asks for 750 000 euro damages from Gazzetta


The two journalists, the author and the editor, received a demand for compensation in relation to three articles claimed to be defamatory.

Brescello: Stone thrown against the car of the TG2 news team


Giammarco Sicuro and his technicians were shooting video of several buildings confiscated from criminal gangs. The windscreen was damaged

Ezio Mauro and Domenico Cacopardo found not guilty for the articles about the town of Rubi

letojanni 1

The decision of the Court of Appeal of Catania has been taken eight years after the event. They had been sued in 2010 for defamation in print,

Threatened Journalists: Three Serbian reporters visit Ossigeno

giornaliste serbe-Ossigeno

The winners of the 2017Journalism Award for Tolerance visited Rome accompanied by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, to learn about best practice.

WPFD: Commissioner for Human Rights at CoE sends message to Ossigeno

Dunja Mijatovic

Dunja Mijatovic sends her wishes from the Council of Europe praising the monitoring of attacks to journalists carried out by  Ossigeno on the occasion of the World

Despite a wave of arrests in Syracuse, the media talked only about ENI


The initiative of the magistrates involved individuals featured in the shocking investigation published in 2011 by a small newspaper in the town.

Paolo Borrometi: Who is the journalist who is so bothersome?

Paolo Borrometi

Founder of the website La Spia, with legal training, has lived for four years with a police escort. With his investigations Paolo Borrometi has documented the active

Borrometi: Five years of insults, threats and attacks

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This reconstruction of the most serious attacks against the Sicilian journalist because of his articles was published on the 11th April 2018 by Agenzia Italia.