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Unesco reports stories on safety of journalists


A collection of episodes and case studies meant to inspire others and to raise awareness | The proposal to recognise journalism as a world heritage under threat

Polish tv insults journalist for a question scope bothering the government

Dorota Bawołek/ Facebook

Dorota Bawolek, correspondent from Brussels, had spoken at a briefing of the European Commission

Wave of insults for investigation into maschilism . “Hens”. “Fire them”


Attacked via email and on Facebook the nine authors who signed articles that describe episodes of gender and sexual violence

Lawyer proves “l’Espresso” wrong and files lawsuit for damages


Giuseppe Luppino is quoted in an article by Giovanni Tizian which speaks of the Piromalli clan as the empire of evil. The weekly confirms it

Enna. Reporters are too fast. Criminal lawyers protest

legge giustizia

The Criminal Chamber threatens measures by talking about information published in the newspapers before it being reported to the suspects. That’s not so, is the reply

Palermo football. “You’ve gone too far”. Poster against reporters and team manager


Also offenses and insults in chants and on Facebook. It happened in Austria where the team is in their summer retreat. Assostampa and USSI Sicilia defend the

Imperia. He attacked journalist. Former deputy mayor sentenced in appeal

Gabriele Piccardo

In 2011, while undergoing a search in the Town Hall, Rodolfo Leone pushed the journalist Gabriele Piccardo away

Bad News | Monday July 19

Bad News | Monday July 19

Italy. Twenty journalists under police escort, say Government to Ossigeno 65% lives in the Lazio region. The unpublished figures illustrated for the first time during the National

State poligraph announces lawsuit against “Cronache della Campania”


For an article that reported involvement of the CEO in an investigation by the Prosecutor of Salerno’s on alleged irregularities in product bulletins of pharmaceutical drugs

Parma. Consortium files lawsuit against animal-rights activists. Web page seized


The association “Essere Animali” had published a video about suspected abuses on pigs. It appealed to the Review Tribunal

Naples. Journalist denounces stalking but does not receive protection

Gennaro Del Giudice

Gennaro Del Giudice (Cronaca Flegrea) denounced five death threats from a man wanting the publishing of articles about him

Lugo Romagna. Two magistrates are looking for 120 million euro in damage compensation

Alessandro Bongarzone

For an article that criticizes their investigations, the journalists Alessandro Bongarzone and Nevio Ronconi and the publisher Tuttifrutti have been cited