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Ossigeno Legal Assistance. The journalist Stefania Limiti has been held in Rome


She had refused to reveal to the public prosecutor the source of one of her book-investigations on the possible background of the Capaci Massacre. Defense by the

Mafia. In Catania pop singers threaten journalists of “Meridionews”


Luisa Santangelo had highlighted their ties to the well-known bosses Santapaola and Turi Cappello. Wave of insults on Facebook. The reporters denounced the offenses and publicized the

Ossigeno. 423 Journalists threatened in Italy in 2017

423 minacciati 2017

Many episodes certified by the Observatory, which specifies: it is only 6% of the total. The names, the types of attack, the percentages. The alarm on Lazio

Reporter of “Striscia la Notizia” films drug trafficking. Attacked 5 times in a month


Vittorio Brumotti and his crew were attacked in Rome, Padua, Milan and Bologna, between October 31st and December 2nd. After his services arrested some pushers

Monza. Judgment overturned. Former mayor to pay legal expenses to “l’Espresso”

Fabrizio Gatti

Giacinto Mariani had cited Fabrizio Gatti and the newspaper for an article on the infiltration of the Casalesi clan in the in Brianza province. In the first

Premier of Albania discredits “Le Iene” report, then backtracks


He had defined as “trash” a report on child laborers in his country. Then he admitted he had spoken without having seen them, but did not apologize

Calabria. Cited reporter. Public prosecutor requests calumny


Adriana Musella, president of the “Riferimenti” antimafia association, falsely accused Alessia Candito (Corriere della Calabria) of having stolen data from her computer

Football. Daspo for the hooligan who attacked the reporter Brenzini

Pinuccio Brenzini

The Genoa Police Headquarters communicated it. The fan for two years can not enter the stadium. On September 30 he had punched the journalist outright

Defamation. Web. Seized 2 articles of Marilù Mastrogiovanni

Marilù Mastrogiovanni

The inquiry into waste management in Salento was published in Il Tacco d’Italia in March. Also obscured the related posts on the Facebook page

Aosta. Writes: to the shovels 2 out of 18 thousand. Insulted reporter on Facebook

Alessandro Mano

Alessandro Mano was insulted and accused of lack of professionalism by members of the group “Sei di Aosta se”. Solidarity from OdG and Assostampa

Sava (Taranto). Mimmo Carrieri denounces new threats

carrieri mimmo 2015

A confidential source told him: “They want to break your legs”. The journalist has been receiving warnings for some time. Since 2012 he has been under the

Calabria health commissioner asks 1 million euro to reporter. Court says no


The Civil Court of Catanzaro declared it. Massimo Scura had denounced Adriano Mollo of the Quotidiano del Sud for defamation