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Piacenza. Football bets. Last bet. Seven journalists acquitted


They had told of presumed phone calls that a sports executive received from the so-called “Gypsy band”. For the judge, the fact does not constitute a crime

Defamation. Archived lawsuit against “Livesicilia” and “Foglio”

legge giustizia

On 12 January 2018 the online magazine LiveSicilia reported the news (read)

Taranto. Threatened a reporter. Sentenced to 20 months of prison


It is the penalty, without suspension, that Michele Cagnazzo will have to serve due to the aggravated threats to the detriment of the journalist Alessandra Macchitella, collaborator

Monte Paschi scandal. Acquitted journalist of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

Davide Vecchi

In February 2015, Davide Vecchi had been accused of illegal data processing in the context of the investigation of the Credit Institute based in Siena

Sardinia. Slapped video reporter of “L’Unione Sarda”

Gianluigi Deidda

On January 13, 2018, in Villacidro (province of Medio Campidano), Gianluigi Deidda was attacked and insulted by the organizers of bonfires in honor of Sant’Antonio Abate. He

Massa Carrara. Reporter excluded from press conference in prosecutor’s office


On January 10, 2018 the prosecutor Aldo Giubilaro denied access to Vinicia Tesconi, collaborator of the online newspaper La Gazzetta di Massa Carrara

Taranto. Local tv operator of Canale85 attacked

operatore tv

It was reported in a joint statement by the Assostampa and the OdG Puglia, expressing solidarity (read). The episode occurred on January 17, 2018

Facebook. Sent images of bombs to Paolo Borrometi

Paolo Borrometi

On January 15, 2018 the journalist, editor of the online publication LaSpia.it, received insults and threats through the social network

Consip procurement. Released after 6 months the archives of the daily “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

Marco Lillo

The Cassation ordered it. According to Antimafiaduemila (read), the memories of PCs and mobile phones, cards and information supportware were returned to the journalist of Il Fatto

Ossigeno legal protection. Roccuzzo acquitted, he acted in good faith

Antonio Roccuzzo

He was misled by a qualified source who had requested clarification. He was defended by the lawyer Di Pietro, of the Observatory’s Legal Office

Video. Giulio Francese: “My father died for his newspaper”


In an interview with “Memoria e Futuro” the son of the journalist killed tells of the pain of his family and criticizes the long silence of the

Correspondent of “Striscia la Notizia” films drug dealing. Attacked another 3 times


Vittorio Brumotti, a correspondent of the TV show Striscia la Notizia, and his troupe continued in Milan (on 6 January), in front of the central station, in