Libel. Alert on Carchidi case on the Platform of Council of Europe


Alarm of Level 2. Categorized from AEJ as act having chilling effects on media freedom coming from the State

To jail for libel. In Cosenza a new “Sallusti case”


If the condemnations against Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of, will not be canceled, the journalist will end in jail, as happened in 2012 to the chief

In jail for libel. The four sentences against Gabriele Carchidi


In detail, the four judgments of the Court of Cosenza, which have imposed prison sentences without conditional suspension

Italy. Journalist condemned to thirty months, risks prison


The case of Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of Four convictions in court in eight months without conditional suspension of the sentence

Press freedom. Reporters without Borders misses again on Italy’s evaluation


The improvement of twenty positions in one year motivated by imprecise and incorrect data. Used a non-scientific method. Ossigeno’s doubts

Germany. F.A.Z. reports a judiciary case for news about Mafia


by Andreas Rossmann – This article was published from the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” last April 1, 2017

Defamation. From Calabria a judgment with a european reach

Defamation. From Calabria a judgment with a european reach

The Court of Reggio recognized the intimidating effect of the claim for a million euro. The bill before the Senate is still in the doldrums (and needs

If from faucet something else comes out other than water

rubinetto 1

The other night I had a nightmare. I dreamed of being in a tragicomic situation and did not know how to get out of it. I was

Defamation. Ossigeno’s legal desk: european rules to be applied

Portovenere, Parcheggio le terrazze

As the jurisprudence of the ECHR, which recognizes the right of criticism along with the right to report, and which has seen a blogger acquitted

Acquitted blogger Brunetti defended by Ossigeno. “My calvary”

Daniele Brunetti 1

“I wrote the truth and was sued by the Mayor of Portovenere. Over two years of anguish and concerns”

Fake news to fake laws, Gambaro bill proposes bad solutions

censura in maschera 1

This article by Vincenzo Vita was published on February 22, 2017 by the newspaper Il Manifesto with the title “The bill of law against fake news must

Confidentiality denied to non professional, Odg protests


Concern for the prosecutor’s pressures on Augusto Mattioli in the trial for the disclosure of confidential material on Monte dei Paschi di Siena