Wiretaps. What will change with the decree? Opinions compared


Review of the opinions on the effects that the new legislation waiting for approval will have on journalistic activity

Far right militants of the Forza Nuova group threaten “la Repubblica” and “L’Espresso”


Militants who had their faces covered, brandishing smoking cans, shouted insults and punctuated a “declaration of war” to those journalists who criticized the movement

Ossigeno Conference: Malta and “the journalism which disturbs nobody”


Many problems were highlighted on the 6th December 2017 at the University of La Valletta. Among the speakers, Ricardo Gutierrez (EFJ) and the Maltese journalist Herman Grech

In Malta they say: Daphne had been looking for it

Herman Grech

Herman Grech, journalist of the online Times of Malta, referred to it at a seminar organised by Ossigeno at the University in Valletta

Naples. Fotoreporter beaten on the site of a murder


The FNSI and the Unitary Union of journalists from Campania report it. A relative of the victim gave him two blows to the face

Bologna. Purchased their telephone tables of two journalists without their knowledge


Gianluca Rotondi and Gilberto Dondi discovered it by chance two years later. OdG and Assostampa Emilia-Romagna: “attempt to identify their sources”

Legal defence. The final decision on the charges for defamation against Raffaella Fanelli supported by Ossigeno

Foto Raffaella Fanelli

The journalist was sued for defamation following an interview conducted in 2015. An investigating judge in Milan will decide upon the public prosecutor’s request to dismiss the

Arrested the man that threatened Borrometi saying: “I’ll slaughter you”

Paolo Borrometi

A few days after the threats on Facebook. Applied the aggravating circumstance of the Mafia method, as was the case for Ostia

Journalists. 10 attacks noted by Ossigeno between november 1st and 17th 2017

Journalists. 10 attacks noted by Ossigeno between november 1st and 17th 2017

Between November 1st and 17th, 2017, the Observatory has verified attacks that restricted press freedom against 10 journalists and other information operators. The 10 names were added

Minniti, press freedom is democracy’s Oxygen


The Interior Minister said so at the FNSI headquarters where he announced a Coordination Center for Information on Threatened Journalists

Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. October 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Freedom of Information and Press in Leipzig

Journalists. Interior Minister takes first step to stop attacks


The Coordination Centre is a measure that has long been invoked by Ossigeno. Therefore the Observatory thanks FNSI, OdG and the Minister of the Interior