Fake and soft news. Some like it lukewarm


What’s happening in newspapers. Why “media truth” contrasts without rules to the “substantive or procedural” reality. Why hearsay replaces the news

Caivano (Naples province). Mayor sues reporter for a post on a woman that accused him


Pasquale Gallo (Il Giornale di Caivano) had told of a woman’s raid during the session to report electoral fraud. Solidarity from SUGC

Isola Capo Rizzuto. Sued for article on migrant center


The journalist Raffaella Cosentino, defended by the Legal Assistance Office of Ossigeno, reported on the L’Espresso on presumed irregularities in the CARA

Calabria. Priest arrested, two tv crews attacked


In Isola Capo Rizzuto, Angela Caponnetto of RaiNews24 and Salvatore Gulisano of PiazzaPulita asked information about a priest arrested the day before

“Are you bothered?” President Lazio Region insults reporter of “Il Tempo”

Nicola Zingaretti, Presidente Regione Lazio

Antonio Sbraga had asked Nicola Zingaretti for explanations on the dismantling of intensive care beds at the Subiaco hospital

Aggressions and threats. Three cases in Rome, Salerno and Bari


They are Antonio Loconte of, Francesca Musacchio and a photographer of Il Tempo, and Davide Speranza of the newspaper La Città

In Vicenza and Rome reporters excluded from press conferences


In Veneto a reporter was put to the door by the Public Attorney. In the capital, two Gazebo envoys (RAI3) excluded from a press conference

Six journalists attacked between Campania, Lazio and Sicily

Gaetano Ferraro

In Aversa (Caserta province), three journalists were beaten in the square. In Monreale (Palermo province), Gaetano Ferraro was also given a beating. In Rome, it happened to

Reckless lawsuits. Senator filippin, imperative to stop them and there is an agreement


Instead, on the abolition of prison and the correction without comment longer times are needed, as the rapporteur on the defamation bill explains

Insults on Facebook: two cases in Naples and Trieste


The journalist Claudia Cernigoi had published a photo, but Fabio Postiglione had relaunched the video of a religious procession

Libel. Alert on Carchidi case on the Platform of Council of Europe


Alarm of Level 2. Categorized from AEJ as act having chilling effects on media freedom coming from the State

To jail for libel. In Cosenza a new “Sallusti case”


If the condemnations against Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of, will not be canceled, the journalist will end in jail, as happened in 2012 to the chief