Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. September 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Freedom of Information and Press in Leipzig

Journalists threatened and the professional example of reporters killed


Ossigeno in Leipzig at the ECPMF conference. “Security for journalists is the first priority,” said OSCE Representative Harlem Désir

Ossigeno in Madrid. Without transparency there is no information

170928 madrid trasparencia small

The speech of Professor Mario García de Castro at II International Transparency Congress

Ghent. How to face attacks against journalists and violent censorship


Speech at the international seminar “Press freedom under threat” promoted by OSSIGENO per l’Informazione and the Faculty of law and criminology of Ghent University, on October 10, 2017

Attack against Paolo Borrometi. Alert on the Council of Europe Platform

Paolo Borrometi

Inserted by AEJ following a notification from Ossigeno. Break-in and theft of documents is considered a case of “harassment and intimidation” and a high-level alert

Calabria. “You are a dead man”, they wrote to a journalist in Strongoli


Giuseppe Le Rose wrote articles on protests for the opening of a landfill. “You will end up in a dump yourself and your committee,” reads an anonymous

Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. August 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is made by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Press and Media Freedom in Leipzig (ECPMF)

Threats against Tizian were an “attack to the constitution”, judges say


They wrote it in the ruling of the Black Monkey trial, which led to the sentencing of those who had threatened with death the reporter, who suffered

Catania. “I’ll bust your guts!” Threatening phone calls to activist journalist

FOTO Orazioe Vasta 2

He had written in favour of protests organized against the C-Star, a ship used by a far-right group to disturb migrants’ sea rescues by NGOs

Press Freedom Under Threat. OSSIGENO at Ghent University. October 10

Ossigeno organize an international seminar with students and journalists about tools to monitor attacks against media and operators

Rome. Stolen documents and archives from home of Paolo Borrometi

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Stolen a hard-drive and paper documents from the journalist’s archive, which defines the episode as “disturbing”

Baltic. For photographs of teens with shotguns, death threats to an italian photographer


“You’re a dead man,” they say on the phone to Tommaso Clavarino. Spokesperson of the ministry of Estonia defines him a useful idiot. Solidarity from Assostampa Subalpina