Pignataro. “Enough articles about us”. Prosecutor requests indictement

Salvatore Minieri

The hearing to decide is scheduled for December 2017. The brothers Gaetano and Giuseppe Lubrano are accused of having warned Salvatore Minieri

Vieste. Reporter Nello Trocchia attacked on crime scene

trocchia 1

A man slammed his head against the wall. Nemo‘s envoy (RAI2) was shooting at the site of a mafia murder. Solidarity from the FNSI

Mafia. Where does the money come from? Reporter asks. Son-in-law of Totò Riina insults him on facebook

Salvo Palazzolo

Solidarity to the journalist Salvo Palazzolo, of the newsroom office of Palermo of the daily La Repubblica. He had recently received threats along with a magistrate

Turin. Another invasive search in reporter’s house and newsroom office

Gianluca Paolucci

Seized archives and cell phones from the home of journalist Gianluca Paolucci and from the newspaper La Stampa to find out his sources of UNIPOL manoeuvres in

Threatened journalists. Lazio still holds the alarming italian record


The Ossigeno Report delivered to the Regional Antimafia Directorate. The data reports more and more frequent episodes. In 2017 in the territory 40% of Italian acts of

Mattarella: Free press is a thermometer of democracy


At the annual Ceremony of the Ventaglio, the Head of State defined information as one of the main democratic countermeasures to the action of power

Polish tv insults journalist for a question scope bothering the government

Dorota Bawołek/ Facebook

Dorota Bawolek, correspondent from Brussels, had spoken at a briefing of the European Commission

Imperia. He attacked journalist. Former deputy mayor sentenced in appeal

Gabriele Piccardo

In 2011, while undergoing a search in the Town Hall, Rodolfo Leone pushed the journalist Gabriele Piccardo away

Parma. Consortium files lawsuit against animal-rights activists. Web page seized


The association “Essere Animali” had published a video about suspected abuses on pigs. It appealed to the Review Tribunal

Naples. Journalist denounces stalking but does not receive protection

Gennaro Del Giudice

Gennaro Del Giudice (Cronaca Flegrea) denounced five death threats from a man wanting the publishing of articles about him

‘Ndrangheta. “I must carve his eyes out”. Anger against reporter


Threats against the journalist Ilario Filippone from Locri referenced in the Ordinance of the Prosecutor’s Office that on July 4th arrested the author and other 115 people

Palermo. “Enough articles”. Anonymous letter to reporter Salvo Palazzolo

Salvo Palazzolo

At the heart of the issue, the articles on the ‘Panta Rei’ trial against 40 defendants from mafia association charges for which the judge Nicola Aiello was