He said: “I’ll shoot you in the head”. Federica Angeli testifies at the trial

federica angeli

The journalist of La Repubblica has confirmed in court the accusations against the man who in 2013 threatened her and two video operators. Since then the reporter

Tell us where Graziella de Palo is buried. Appeal by mother and brother

Italo Toni e Graziella De Palo

The journalist disappeared in Lebanon in 1980 together with her colleague Italo Toni, during a visit to the refugee camps of the FPLP

Vibo Valentia. Set on fire car of companion of journalist Francesco Mobilio

foto da Quotidiano del Sud

The carabinieri are investigating. In 2015, the reporter of the daily Il Quotidiano del Sud received an envelope with a bullet

Legal defence. Defamation charges against Raffaella Fanelli dismissed


The freelance journalist was sued in 2015 by the daughter of the well-known criminal Paolo Signorelli following an interview with former terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra about a massacre

Fanpage. “More journalists demand the right to make questions”


The number of assaults grows also due to the greater resistance of reporters to the gag of self-censorship, the director of Ossigeno told ADNkronos

Ossigeno proposes right of access to judicial information

pal giustizia pa 130523

The right shall apply to judicial records not covered by secrecy. And it is necessary to recognize journalists’ legal status in order to save them from thousands of

Mafia and information. Mp Rosi Bindi, bosses can’t stand reporters

Rosy Bindi © Roberto Vicario

This passage is taken from the final report by the MP Rosi Bindi, president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, presented on 22 February 2018 at Palazzo Madama

Journalists. 29 threats verified by Ossigeno in january 2018


The Observatory has verified 12 episodes and has published 46 posts that have had 30 thousand views on Twitter and 422 thousand on Facebook

Hundreds of S.O.S. Which we are unable to reply


Ossigeno has decided to make them public so that other organizations can verify their validity and intervene with the necessary readiness

What to do if Bari’s aggression recalls that of Ostia


The aggravating factor of the Mafia method was challenged to the man who hit Piervincenzi because he intended to intimidate all journalists who have the audacity to

Bari. Refuses to be interviewed and attacks journalist of Tg1 Rai

TgR. Video mandato in onda

The wife of an alleged boss, who gave a powerful slap to the envoy Maria Grazia Mazzola, is under investigation for threats and injuries. Protests and solidarity

In prison for libel. The journalists at risk are in the thousands


They are those with a suspended sentence on condition that they do not suffer another one. The “chilling effect” that weighs above all on editors-in-chief