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Wiretaps. What will change with the decree? Opinions compared - Review of the opinions on the effects that the new legislation waiting for approval will have on journalistic activity
Far right militants of the Forza Nuova group threaten “la Repubblica” and “L’Espresso” - Militants who had their faces covered, brandishing smoking cans, shouted insults and punctuated a “declaration of war” to those journalists who criticized the movement
Ossigeno Conference: Malta and “the journalism which disturbs nobody” - Many problems were highlighted on the 6th December 2017 at the University of La Valletta. Among the speakers, Ricardo Gutierrez (EFJ) and the Maltese journalist Herman Grech


threatened journalists in Italy
What happens in the other countries?
How can we know it?


(last update: 21 november 2017)

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