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Vatican. Cardinal Maradiaga insults journalist of weekly l’Espresso

Il giornalista Emiliano Fittipaldi

Emiliano Fittipaldi writes that the cardinal received in Honduras millions of undocumented euros. He replies: spent for works of charity

In prison for libel. The journalists at risk are in the thousands


They are those with a suspended sentence on condition that they do not suffer another one. The “chilling effect” that weighs above all on editors-in-chief

Piacenza. Football bets. Last bet. Seven journalists acquitted


They had told of presumed phone calls that a sports executive received from the so-called “Gypsy band”. For the judge, the fact does not constitute a crime

Defamation. Archived lawsuit against “Livesicilia” and “Foglio”

legge giustizia

On 12 January 2018 the online magazine LiveSicilia reported the news (read)

Ossigeno legal protection. Roccuzzo acquitted, he acted in good faith

Antonio Roccuzzo

He was misled by a qualified source who had requested clarification. He was defended by the lawyer Di Pietro, of the Observatory’s Legal Office

Italy. Also the next legislature will end without abolishing prison penalties?


Ossigeno will be signalling those candidates who will commit to abolish the provision on defamation allowing judges to condemn journalists up to 6-year imprisonment

Italy. 52.000 journalists received threats, Ossigeno reports. Who believes it?

La punta dell’iceberg

Who will draw the consequences? The Observatory highlights that 3508 names of threatened journalists in Italy show just the tip of one iceberg that is 15 times

Press Freedom: Is Italy the black sheep? No, it isn’t and why

pecora nera 3 small

Rankings place Italy 52nd in position, behind all other continental European countries. How they are compiled and by whom. How they can be corrected.

Monza. Judgment overturned. Former mayor to pay legal expenses to “l’Espresso”

Fabrizio Gatti

Giacinto Mariani had cited Fabrizio Gatti and the newspaper for an article on the infiltration of the Casalesi clan in the in Brianza province. In the first

Calabria. Cited reporter. Public prosecutor requests calumny


Adriana Musella, president of the “Riferimenti” antimafia association, falsely accused Alessia Candito (Corriere della Calabria) of having stolen data from her computer

Defamation. Web. Seized 2 articles of Marilù Mastrogiovanni

Marilù Mastrogiovanni

The inquiry into waste management in Salento was published in Il Tacco d’Italia in March. Also obscured the related posts on the Facebook page

Calabria health commissioner asks 1 million euro to reporter. Court says no


The Civil Court of Catanzaro declared it. Massimo Scura had denounced Adriano Mollo of the Quotidiano del Sud for defamation