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Malta: Libel suits and warrants against blogger Caruana Galizia

malta galizia

From court on request of a garnishee order from Economy Minister Chris Cardona and his consultant Joe Gerada

Day to End Impunity in Rome. Celebration at Senate and in Bruxelles also


Four meetings from 24 to 27 October 2016. New data on prison for defamation. Also two training seminars for journalists and students

Unwelcome article for Atalanta hooligans. Threats and insults against reporter

Lo striscione contro Spini

A banner and chants against Matteo Spini, collaborator of the Gazzetta dello Sport. On Facebook, a user invites the journalist to “go home”

Defamation. Condemned for having insulted the journalist Palmesano

Enzo Palmesano

The entrepreneur Giulio Parisi had offended the reporter on the Facebook page of a fellow journalist, who was also accused but acquitted

Milan. Journalist from tv show La Gabbia expelled from football league press room


Entry to the press conference denied to the chronicler Nello Trocchia.”I only asked a few questions to Tavecchio”

Milan. Journalist of tv show “La Gabbia” attacked in massage parlour


He urged for the tax receipt. Attacked along with the operator, the camera was damaged. He pressed charges

“Mafia” on the coast of Rome, act of intimidation against journalist

Cosimo Bove

The tires of the car of Cosimo Bove, chief editor of Reporter News, were slashed. Solidarity from the union

Journalist of “Sardinia Post” threatened on Facebook

francesca mulas

Intimidation against Francesca Mulas on the page of a political representative, who distanced himself. Solidarity from the Order of Journalists and the union

Calabria. The journalist Agostino Pantano will be prosecuted for handling stolen goods

Agostino Pantano

He was sued in 2010 for a series of articles on the dissolution of the town council of Taurianuova. He is now facing up to eight years

Marsala. Gunpowder delivered to journalist Di Girolamo

Di Pisa e Di Girolamo

The threats were also addressed to the public attorney Di Pisa and to the judicial police. The anonymous letter arrived to the offices of

Padua. “Mercenary”. Mayor insults TG5 journalist who criticizes him

Massimo Bitonci

“In the end, it is the citizens who vote for us, and not mercenary journalists” he wrote on social networks following a service he found unwelcome

The President of the Republic meets Lirio Abbate


Napolitano received him after the ceremony on December 16th. Present at the Quirinale Spampinato and Mennella, editor and secretary of Ossigeno, of which Abbate is “the first