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Another journalist under escort in Italy

Giovanni Tizian, 29, is the fifth Italian journalist to have received threats in his country since the beginning of 2012

As of December 22nd he lives under police protection 24 hours a day. Also other journalists live an armored life risking it everyday. Since 2007 Lirio Abate, Rosaria Capacchione and Roberto Saviano live this way.  Just as them, Tizian has published exclusive news and reportages unwelcome by Mafia bosses, especially the ones of the very bloody Camorra family “Casalesi”. Publishing a long and deep reportage on  mafia’s activities helps to fight it, but it is a risky job. For this reason nine journalists dealing with mafia issues have been killed in the past. The last victim was Beppe Alfano in 1993, since then the Mafia has used more sneaky instruments, but has not given up in killing the more indomitable journalists. There haven’t been other homicides because, luckily, the police investigators have developed more sophisticated investigative tools  that have allowed them to thwart numerous attacks. It is a very high number, and a partial data. It is necessary to face the problem in a new way, also at a political level: modifying the libel law, protecting in a more active way the right to the secrecy of the confidential sources, preventing the constant abuse of the laws.


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