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Bari. Complains of absenteeism. Insulted and threatened on facebook

The journalist Samantha Dell’Edera had reported the peak of absences from work during the Champion’s League final. Solidarity from fellow journalists

Samantha Dell’Edera, collaborator for the daily Corriere del Mezzogiorno, reported in an article, with indisputable data, the high absenteeism rates of employees of AMTAB, the public transport company of Bari, in a special evening: that of June 6 2015, in which many fans were at home to watch the big game on TV Juventus-Barcelona. The reaction was immediate: dozens of disparaging sexist and threatening comments against the journalist were published on Facebook. Someone even expressed the wish to see her drown at sea. The episode confirms the growing intolerance towards journalists who publish unwelcome news stories.

The Corriere del Mezzogiorno disclosed the outsized reactions. The editorial comittee of the newspaper, the Order of Journalists of Puglia, the President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, and several politicians of the city have expressed solidarity with the journalist. The prosecutor’s office in Bari has opened an investigation to identify responsibilities for crimes committed.


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